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  2. Hi my name is Jason Gillott i'm on 0606484989 how do I contact Mark Liftman

  3. Hi Mark

    a Chantal is looking to buy a R2 Million Apartment in Hout Bay for a client , i'm on 0606 484 989 kindly contact me at your earliest convenience i look forward to hearing from you

    Concerned Regard's Jason Gillott

  4. Good'Guy Greeting's Mark

    Hi , is all good and with You ... Happy 4th July 2020 obviously i wished The Smith's and The Cooper's a happy 4th July 2020

    a Samuel Esterhuizen 0762986896 is trying to make contact with You for a investment the investment start up capital is R10K to R25K and Samuel Esterhuizen pays a 115% monthly

    is all that alryt and with You , we see us again all good and with You Mark ciao

    Concerned Regard's Jason Gillott
    Cellular Phone Number 0606 484 989